Friday, December 11, 2015

The Five People You Meet on Poshmark

I've been on Poshmark for about 6 months now, and have made a few hundred dollars selling my clothes, so you could definitely say I'm a fan. Throughout my time on this app, I've noticed that Poshers can be diveded into five major groups, with the exception of a few outliers of course. If you've bought or sold on Poshmark long enough, you'll probably recognize these people. And if you're not on Poshmark yet, make an account, list a few items, and sit back and wait for the first type to show up.

The Low-Baller
The low-ball offer made in the comment section is the signature move of this type. They'll like a few items, one for $15, another for $10, and then maybe a third for $8, and then they'll leave the comment, "I'll do $5 for the items I've liked." What?!?! Are you serious? Yes, please let me lose money on the gas it will take to go to the post office to mail your three items for the $2 I get to keep. For those of you who are thinking, "well isn't that kind of the name of the game?" Look, I'm all for making offers. Offers are great! But everyone on Poshmark knows the app takes a commission off the profit, so you're essentially asking for the items to be given away. If I wanted to give my items away, they'd be in a Goodwill bin, not on Poshmark.

The Unrealistic Rater
This type is a lot harder to recognize, because by the time you spot them, it's too late. I won't name names (although you can go on my Poshmark account and figure it out), but someone purchased a pair of like-new 00 pants from me and then gave me a 1-star rating. I saw the alert and panicked! What could have happened? Was the package set outside in a puddle and they were ruined? Did someone open the package and steal the pants from her doorstep? Nope. Turns out the 00 didn't fit her so she felt I didn't do a good job describing the pants. Umm...the pants are a 00. I'm not. I have no way of knowing if they fit like a "true" 00. The number one rule of Poshing is ask questions. If you want to know how they will fit, ask the seller! I have a tape measure lying out just waiting to answer questions like that. If you don't ask the questions and then don't like the results, blame yourself, not the seller.

The Overly Eager Seller
"Thank you for liking my listing!!!! *heart* *smiley* *heart* *heart eyed smiley*" This Posh personality is the equivalent of the sales guy in the mall chasing you down so you'll let him straighten your hair. "Pretty lady! Pretty lady, is that your natural hair?" Please just let me walk by. They mean well, they really do, but sometimes you just want to keep your eye on an item, not be sold on it that very moment. Now, confession time, I've totally been guilty of this, so I get it. You want to make that sale and it's so close you can taste it! But let's face it, no one wants to be hassled whether its in the mall or over an app.

The Posh Goddess
Every now and then, I run into a closet on Poshmark and my jaw drops. Designer bags, adorable tops, dozens of dresses, and all of them are perfectly modeled and realistically priced. Yup, these ladies are the Posh Goddesses. They've got it all figured out and must be making a nice buck doing it. What makes this group even more fabulous is that when you share their listings with your couple thousand followers, they'll turn back around and share your listings with their hundreds of thousands of followers! I imagine that's also the same feeling you get when you're in a crowd, cheering for a celebrity, and suddenly they look right at you, smile and wave. Now that's class.

The Everyday Shopper
This last group is where I, and probably the majority of Poshmark people, fall into. We are the people who like to shop, have overly loaded closets we'd like to clean out, and wouldn't mind making some easy money. These are the people who have like-new Mod Cloth Panda shoes for sale simply because they were bought on clearance and never worn. Be nice to this group, because they could turn into the goddesses one day.

If you're on Poshmark and any of these ring true, let me know in a comment below. If you think I've missed a group, I'd love to hear what other Posh People are out there.
In the meantime, check out my closet because I have recently added about 20 new items!


  1. This is so true! I've been on Poshmark for about 6 months now and you've correctly identified the characters. What about the Posh Police? I've encountered a few poshers whose main quest is to hunt down and call out non-compliant closets.

  2. I wanna be posh goddess & they're so organized!

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